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Satyanarayana Vaidyanathan Iyer is a scholar, philosopher, and author with a deep-rooted passion for Gandhian philosophy. He holds a doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Madras, with a specialization in the teachings and principles of Mahatma Gandhi. For over two decades, Dr. Iyer has dedicated himself to studying and imparting the wisdom encapsulated in Gandhian principles, authoring several acclaimed books on the topic. As a respected voice in philosophical and ethical studies, he serves as an influential guide for social and environmental initiatives across India. A firm believer in the transformative power of truth and non-violence, Dr. Iyer dedicates his work with Satyameva Jayate to fostering a world where these timeless values guide our actions. His writing reflects his commitment to making Gandhi's philosophy accessible, applicable, and inspirational for the modern world.

Satyanarayan Vaidyanathan Iyer

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