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Ahimsa Dialogues Program

'Ahimsa Dialogues' forms an integral part of our commitment to nurturing a society imbued with Gandhi Ji's principles. This beautiful platform facilitates engaging conversations and thoughtful interactions on critical societal matters. It brings together individuals, communities, and policymakers to engage in constructive discourse, enabling them to explore peaceful solutions to existing conflicts, biases, and forms of violence.


From its inception, the Ahimsa Dialogues have become a lighthouse of wisdom. The first of these dialogues took place in the historic city of Ahmedabad, a place of great significance in Gandhi Ji's life. Over 200 participants, diverse in their backgrounds yet united in their quest for peace, came together for a memorable discourse on 'Creating a Culture of Peace in a Conflict-ridden Society.' It was heartening to witness fruitful exchanges of ideas and collaborative solutions emerging from the discussions.

One inspiring story from these dialogues is of a young girl from Delhi. Deeply moved by the discussions, she started a 'Peace Club' in her school. This club has since grown into a city-wide initiative, promoting dialogue among young minds, helping them understand and resolve their conflicts peacefully.

In another notable dialogue held in Chennai, on 'Addressing Social Bias through Non-violence,' participants initiated a collective movement called 'Walk the Path of Ahimsa.' This movement has seen a steady rise in its following, and it has been instrumental in encouraging individuals to challenge and change their biases peacefully.

Since its beginning, the Ahimsa Dialogues have successfully reached out to over 20,000 participants. In each dialogue, we have seen Gandhi Ji's principles come alive, and this gives us a renewed sense of purpose and commitment. These dialogues have been instrumental in creating ripples of change, fostering a culture of peaceful coexistence, and encouraging participants to practice and propagate Gandhian principles.

The journey of Ahimsa Dialogues continues to inspire and bring forth the power of peaceful dialogue. We extend an open invitation to everyone. Come, be a part of these enlightening dialogues, contribute your thoughts, and let us together walk the path of peace and non-violence, creating a world as envisioned by Bapu.

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