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Gandhi Darshan
Educational Program

Our esteemed Gandhi Darshan Educational Program is a humble yet profound attempt to introduce the young minds of our Bharat Mata to the timeless teachings of our beloved Bapu. It is our firm belief that shaping a future guided by the principles of truth, non-violence, and compassion begins in the classroom, with our young and eager learners.


This noble initiative was conceived in the auspicious year of 2003, a year after the inception of Satyameva Jayate, under the thoughtful guidance of our founder, Dr. Satyanarayana Vaidyanathan Iyer. As a knowledgeable scholar, Dr. Iyer has carefully curated the content of this program, blending academic knowledge with experiential learning to make Gandhi Ji's principles accessible and engaging for our children.

The Gandhi Darshan Program encompasses a wide array of educational activities such as storytelling, role-play, creative arts, and interactive workshops. These activities delve into the life and teachings of Gandhi Ji, encouraging our young participants to reflect upon and imbibe these values in their day-to-day lives.

An illustrative instance of the program's success is witnessed in a government school in Lucknow, where, post the implementation of Gandhi Darshan, a remarkable transformation was observed in the students' approach towards resolving conflicts. The students started resorting to peaceful dialogues and understanding rather than fights and arguments, demonstrating the impactful application of the principles of Ahimsa and Satya in real life.

Today, the Gandhi Darshan Educational Program has reached over 500 schools across the breadth and length of our country, touching the lives of thousands of young minds. We receive heartening feedback from teachers and parents alike about the transformative effect this program has on their wards. Stories of increased empathy, respect for truth, and a deep understanding of peaceful coexistence are testament to the potential of Gandhi Ji's wisdom in shaping the future citizens of our nation.

The journey of the Gandhi Darshan Educational Program is a long and enriching one, and we walk it with hope and dedication. We extend an open invitation to all the educational institutions in our country to embrace this unique program. Let us together light the lamp of Gandhian wisdom in the hearts of our children, for, in their hands lies the future of our world.

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